• August 31, 2020
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Oruflow Hospital Information System (HIS) Entegration

One of the most important advantages of Oruflow is #HIS (#HospitalInformationSystem) #integration.

Oruflow's well-developed technology allows the system to be integrated fastly and easily with both #PACS and #HL7 systems, regarding the hospital needs.

Oruflow recognizes the user via the hospital's barcode. The software prepares the test report and saves it to the user's folder on the information system in real-time.

Based on the experience with more than 70 HIS integrations, Oruba provides consultancy for companies that need customized integration solutions.

  • Experience of 25 different HIS integration
  • Experience of all types of HIS integration in Turkey
  • Fast integration installation
  • Flexibility for integration to new HISs

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