New Generation Uroflowmeter

The world's first self-operating uroflowmeter eliminates the hygiene problems, completes the examination in 2 minutes and integrates with the Hospital Information System.

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Innovative solutions of Oruflow


HIS (PACS/HL7) Integration

Thanks to its high technology, the Oruflow system can be integrated with different information systems regarding the hospital needs.The patient information received via the barcode and test report is sent to the patient’s folder on the system. Customized integration solutions can be provided.

  • Experience of 25 different HIS integration
  • Experience of all types of HIS integration in Turkey
  • Fast integration installation
  • Flexibility for integration to new HISs

Real-time online technical support

Oruflow is supported by the IoT (Internet of Things Technology) and all of the functions can be controlled online. It has a real-time notification system which reports all the technical problems to Oruba HQ and most of the problems are solved even before the hospital staff realize them.

  • Connection to all devices from Oruba HQ
  • Auto-notification system with details, if any problem occurs
  • No wasted time for analyzing the problem
  • Immediate online problem solving
  • No wasted time with “out-of-service” devices
  • Online maintenance

Uroflowmetry without an Operator

It allows the patient to complete the test in a real toilet environment without the need for a healthcare professional's supervision. While it reduces the workload of the staffs, the cost of nurse and cleaning staff is eliminated.


Automatic Cleaning

The Oruflow improves the patients' well-being and comfort by eliminating hygiene problems during the uroflowmetry process. There is no need to clean any funnel. It eliminates the smell and dirt problem due to urine splash.


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